Activity Database

This database contains all the activities featured during the various Durham Scouts' Camp@Home events.

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Humpty Dumpty Yoga
Get warmed up in the morning with a Humpty Dumpty inspired morning Yoga session.

Emergency Aid
Complete your Emergency Aid Stage 1 and 2 with Green Box First Aid

Obstacle Course
Build an obstacle course at home and see who can complete it the fastest

Self Extinguishing Fire
Join Pip, Mike and Jo from Moor House as they show you how to construct a self extinguishing fire that can be used to toast marshmallows.

Broadcast live during Camp@Home 4 on Sunday 28th March 2021, Join Dee for some Eggercise fun!

Hey Ho, Nobody Home Campfire Song
This song was first broadcast during Camp@Home 1 in May 2020. It was part of our evening virtual Campfire.

Little Green Frog
This song was broadcast during our virtual campfire as part of Camp@Home 1 in May 2020.

Zombie Campfire Song
This song was originally filmed during May of 2020 as part of our first Camp@Home event.

The Lion Hunt
This version of the classic Lion Hunt song was first broadcast during our first Camp@Home event back in May 2020.

Easter Family Quiz
This quiz was broadcast live during our Camp@Home 4 event in March 2021

Model Campsite
Improve your campsite planning skills by designing and building a model campsite layout

Mini Pioneering
Practice your knots and lashings by building models or camp gadgets

Develop your concealment skills as you camouflage yourself to blend into the background

Bug Hotels
Build a bug or bee hotel to provide a home for lots of beneficial insects

Soup Can Camp Stove
Make your own camp stove and cook something using a soup (or other) tin can

Scout Radio
Find out more about Scouting by listening to Scout Radio

Learn new Scout skills by watching vshort videos on Scoutadelic - there are loads of ideas to try

Origami Crane
Learn how to make 'peace cranes' by following these simple instructions

Fire Building Challenge
Learn how to succesfully build, light and maintain a camp fire

Build a Mini-Golf Course
There are no badges for this one, but building your very own indoor or outdoor (age appropriate) min-golf at home is always fun.

Make a Monument
why not try to make a model of a famous international monument?

Spaghetti Towers
All you need is a packet of spaghetti and a packet of marshmallows (or several packets if you’re feeling ambitious)to build the tallest tower

Rangoli Rice Pictures
Why not try making some rangoli pictures. These are traditional Indian decoration and patterns made with rice, particularly during festivals

We can all take a snap with a smartphone, but why not take your photography to the next level and bag yourself a badge at the same time?

Pendulum Painting
Build a giant pendulum of paint and create an abstract work of art

Try your hand at making traditional S'mores or make up some new S'mores recipes of your own

Make a Model
Make a model catapult, crossbow or trebchet and have some fun trying it our

Spaghetti Campfire Song
Join Leslie during our first camp@home event in May 2020 as we sing 'on top of Spaghetti'

Boom Chicka Boom Campfire Song
Broadcast during our first camp@home event back in May 2020, this is our take on the classic Boom Chicka Boom campfire song.

Baby Bumblebee Campfire Song
This was one of the first videos broadcast during our very first Camp@Home event in May 2020.

Peel Banana Campfire Song
This song was broadcast during our first Camp@Home event in May 2020.

Head Shoulders Knees Toes
Broadcast LIVE during our third camp@home event, Join David as we sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.

Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby is a USA tradition. During Camp@Home 4, our friends in Durham, USA showed us this video all about Pinewood Derby.

Camp@Home 4 Mosaic
During Camp@Home 4, we combined thousands of images from across our 5 events to produce this incredible photo mosaic. Check it out!


Edible Camp Fires
Why not try making a camp fire that you can eat?

Make a Survival Kit
Make your very own survival kit with just the things that you need

Flameless Campfire
If you can’t have an outdoor campfire (or even if you can, but you don’t like the cold), why not make a safe, flameless indoor campfire?

Make a Knotting Board
Make yourself a knotting board to remind yourself of all those useful knots and lashings

Fact or Fiction
We’ve all heard about “Fake News” and hopefully understand the importance of fact-checking online content. Why not make up some "Fake News" of your own?

Egg Carton Crafts
Try your hand at egg carton halloween crafts - or anyother theme that takes your fancy.

Healthy Pizzas
Make yourself some healthy pizzas and learn all about health eating