Activity Database

This database contains all the activities featured during the various Durham Scouts' Camp@Home events.

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Ice Cream in a Bag
Have a go at making your own ice cream, in a bag!

Lemonade Making
Have a go at making your own homemade Lemonade

Sandcastle Puddings
Part of our Seaside Splash event, have a go at making your own sandcastle puddings

Camp Donuts
Have a go at making these classic camp donut treats

Make your own fossil in one of our creative activities

Edible Rafts
Practice your knot skills by having a go at making your own edible rafts

Punch & Judy Show
Join Professor James as he puts on a very special Punch & Judy show just for Durham Scouts - can you spot all the references?

Fish N' Chips Yoga
Join Mike for some more of his Yoga - this time with a Seaside Theme!